The Magellan school is Austin is looking for a bilingual librarian. See details below.

El colegio Magellan busca un bibliotecario bilingüe. Favor ver detalles abajo.

The Magellan School in Austin has a vacancy for a librarian and I thought you might know someone who might be interested. Below is the job description, please let me know if you have any questions.

Memi Cardenas
Operations Manager/ HR
Magellan International School

The Magellan International School (MIS) is seeking a librarian to maintain and expand the library and media center for the school that will support its curricular program. The librarian is a teacher who has additional specialized training in library media center programs and activities. The successful candidate will have experience in collection development, library instruction and library programming for school-aged children. The librarian should be proficient in the reading, writing and speaking of the Spanish language. The librarian is responsible for the operations of the library and for related media services to the entire school.

Professional Requirements:

-Bachelor’s Degree in Education with endorsement in library programs and activities or Master’s Degree in Library Science.
-Two years of experience in school libraries (or equivalent combination of education and experience).
-Ability to communicate in both Spanish and English at a proficient level
Duties and Responsibilities:

Instruct and assist students and teachers in effective and creative use of the library by: Collaborating with teachers to integrate information problem solving process skills into the Program of Inquiry; Orient new students and teachers to library facilities and services; Develop and implement activities in cooperation with classroom teachers; Utilize a variety of effective teaching techniques.

Assist students in locating materials appropriate to their individual needs and encouraging the use of library resources for enrichment.

Exhibit leadership and cooperate with administration, faculty, parents and students to formulate philosophy, goals, objectives, policies of library services to meet the needs of students and faculty
Attend faculty meetings and/or grade level meetings as needed

Encourage input from students and parents.

Order materials (print and non-print) that support the Program of Inquiry
Advocate reading improvement by fostering an interest in literature and reading.

Provide a collection of books, in various formats, that encourage leisure and life-long reading.

Maintain current awareness of state, region, national, and international standards for library services and programs.

Develop and implement plans and procedures to achieve long range goals and objectives, determine objectives and set priorities for each school year, and apply effective procedures to evaluate accomplishment of goals and objectives.

Provide time and space coordination for use of the library services and facilities and maintain a pleasant, attractive, and clean library.

Prepare annual statistics and reports as needed.

Encourage, train, and supervise volunteers.

Provide training in the following areas: Instructing students, teachers and volunteers in the use of online catalog and databases; Instruct both students and teachers in use of AV equipment.
Maintain a system for efficient accession and organization and for easy access to materials and equipment.

Facilitate efficient maintenance of AV equipment.

Use sound business procedures in administering budget allocations in consultation with the Head of School
Maintain accurate inventory records
Coordinate selection/evaluation of library resources and equipment
Organize and/or teach in-service for faculty related to use of equipment and materials.

Support teachers’ understanding and use of new technologies and media
Provide professional development resources and workshops to teachers related to research and technology
Application Instructions:

Documents required: Please send a cover letter and cover letter to