I just read an article about proposed legislation making English the official language in Oklahoma, and how American Indians are opposing this move. American Indians point out that their languages are disappearing fast enough, and that legislation of this type could make matters worse. Proponents to the bill mention the same arguments always used for this type of bill; immigrants to this country must assimilate, and that means learning English, and adapting to the social structure here. I think that in a world that becomes smaller everyday, the USA has an incredible opportunity to its advantage. The world is coming here, why not take advantage of the situation and learn about the world? Today global commerce and education are common practices, more people are traveling than ever before, and situations like Global Warming (or Global Warning as my friend’s mom likes to call it) are forcing us to communicate and engage people all around the globe, this requires fluency in various languages, and cultures. The USA should take advantage of the situation here; immigrants are providing this country with a free education about the world and languages, lets learn from it!