water liliIn 1992 the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution making March 22 World Water Day; This year’s theme is “Copying with Scarcity”. When thinking about water, a number of complex issues need to be address, including cultural norms, lifestyle, ethnicity, race, and socio-economic level, just to name a few. Water scarcity is a huge issue not only because natural reserves are being depleted, but also because potable water is increasingly being privatized. This has lead to violent confrontations in several cases, the most notable being Bolivia.

This water imbalance in the world has created a movement wanting to address the situation. Water Partners International is part of this effort, trying to provide clean drinking water to communities throughout the developing world. Another one is International Water Management Institute, a non-profit scientific research organization trying to promote sustainable water and land use. There is also the World Water Council, which tries to promote awareness and build political commitment to address water issues at all levels. The International Water Association try to address water concerns both through research and practice.

Although this is just a symbolic drop in the bucket, you can send an e-card and remind others of this important day.