WAC logoWorld AIDS Day began in 1988 at the World Summit of Ministers of Health on Programs for AIDS prevention, today governments, NGOs, international charities and local organization have adopted the program. Today the Worlds AIDS Campaign (WAC) spearhead this campaign, but this task was previously held by UNAIDS. Since 2005 WAC promoted the overarching slogan of “Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise”, developing variations of this in subsequent years. The 2007 slogan adds an emphasis for leadership, encouraging us to “Be part of those who are building a better future.” WAC has a number of ways in which we can participate. For ideas, please visit their website’s page for participation.

Since 1981 when AIDS was first recognized, the disease has killed more than 25 million people world wide. In 2005 half a million children around the globe were still dying of AIDS. It is estimated that between 33 and 46 million people the world over are living with HIV.

You can see a list of all the themes for Worlds AIDS day at the Wikipedia entry. You can find WACs press release for this years Word Aids Day here.

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