One Day On Earth wants to capture a slice of our humanity across the globe. Tomorrow, 10.10.10, we are invited to film event in our lives that move us with joy, sadness, rage, delight or any other emotion.

The project can be done individually, by groups, or by themes. Some of the themes that have been created involve births, music, spirituality, weddings, farms, and many others. But you are not limited to these categories, the idea is to share a video of something that is significant to your life.

To participate you just need to sign up with the project and share your video. Easy.

One Day on Earth Participant Trailer from One Day On Earth on Vimeo.

El proyecto se puede hacer de forma individual, por grupos, o por temas. Algunos de los temas que se han creado involucran nacimientos, música, espiritualidad, bodas, fincas, y muchos otros. Pero no se nos limitan a estas categorías, la idea es compartir un video de algo que es importante para tu vida.

Para participar sólo hay que registrarse con el proyecto y compartir el vídeo. Facilisimo.