I just read about a call for help to assist in the saving of hundreds of years worth of information on birds’ migrating patters. The North American Bird Phenology Program has 6 million note cards, dating back to the 1880s sitting in a Basement in Virginia, which they need help converting into digital files. There’s a call for volunteers to help transcribe this information, which they explain can help scientists trace bird patters, which in turn can help explore patters in climate change. Volunteers are asked to take a 15 minute online tutorial, and are then given access to hundreds of these cards to be manually transcribed into a database. Volunteers can work from the comfort of their home while helping preserve this information. If you wish to help, here’s the contact link.

Turns out that there is a World Migratory Bird Day to be held during May 9 – 10. Learn more about the event here.

You can read more about this project from an article in Wired.

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